The Three Tips For Naturally Preventing UTI's That You Need to Know Now

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Did you know that fifty percent of all women will experience a urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime? As a pharmacist of 31 years, I have dispensed prescriptions for urinary tract infections on almost every single shift that I have worked over the years. That is a lot of prescriptions! 

A urinary tract infection (UTI)  occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. UTI's are most common in the urethra and bladder but can also occur in any part of the urinary tract including the kidneys and ureters.

UTI's are extremely painful and can also cause a strong feeling of urgency to urinate. They can also cause burning upon urination and urine that can be cloudy, stained with blood and strong smelling. 

There are many ways to prevent UTI's including drinking plenty of water to naturally flush out the bacteria from your bladder when you urinate. Proper hygiene with wiping front to back and urinating after intercourse are also helpful. Taking Vitamin C or drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can also be helpful.

The following three tips may be something that you have not heard in the past but are important in preventing UTI's. 

* Limit Sugar in Your Diet

The bacteria that cause UTI's (often E-Coli)  "feed" on sugar. A diet that is high in sugar can help to feed bacteria and cause those bacteria to multiply. I recommend the American Heart Association recommendation of 25g of sugar per day for women and 36g per day for men. This recommendation not only helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's and more but will help to keep your sugar level at a point to help control UTI's as well. Diets that are high in fruit, although a natural sugar, can also contribute to "feeding" the bacteria that causes UTI's if you are prone. Be sure to read sugar content on labels as there is sugar in everything and aim for the AHA recommendation daily.

*Take a Probiotic Daily 

Taking a probiotic daily will boost the amount of good bacteria in your body and help to prevent infection. A healthy gut that is a result from taking probiotics daily boosts immunity and also mood which is essential for anyone with chronic infections or illness.

*Try D-Mannose as a Supplement

D-Mannose is a sugar that provides a preferred surface for bacteria to stick to in your urinary tract. The bacteria stick to the D-Mannose and then are excreted out as opposed to sticking to your bladder wall. Cranberries are high in D-Mannose and that is why they are often recommended when one experiences a UTI. I recommend to use a D-Mannose powder which is a very simple addition to make to your daily routine. You can try West Coast Mint's version which is a very dissolvable and pure version. www.westcoastmint.com Code FP15 for 15% off your order. 

UTI's are very painful and most women will either experience them themselves or have a friend or loved one who will experience one.  If you do experience the symptoms of a UTI please consult with a doctor or medical professional. Please feel free to share this information. If you would like more information on how to ditch bladder pain; please see my free report at www.ditchbladderpain.com


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