A Healthy Game Plan for Eating Out When You have an Overactive Bladder

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2020

Always running to the bathroom? Going out to dinner can become very frustrating! Having an over active bladder can cause anxiety when you are out to dinner because often times you are more worried about making the break in the conversation to run to make a trip into the bathroom than what the person has to say!

Overactive Bladder is the frequent and urgent need to empty the bladder. This affects 33 million people in the the US alone. Interstitial Cystitis affects approximately 8 million people and while this is known also as Painful Bladder Disease; it can cause bladder overactivity as well. 

If you have two or more of these symptoms then you may have an overactive bladder.

  • You urinate eight or more times a day or two or more times per night
  • You have the sudden, strong need to urinate immediately
  • You leak urine after a sudden, strong urge to urinate

There are several foods you will want to avoid if you have an overactive bladder. Acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes and vinegar can cause bladder irritation. Spicy foods, fermented foods, and sugary foods can trigger an overactive bladder. Carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks and alcohol can cause urgency as well.

So it may seem like there is nothing that you can eat especially when you are out to dinner and  options are limited. Here are some healthy ideas as to what you can eat to avoid bladder irritation:

At a Bistro or American Restaurant: Salad is a great go to item and you can top it with chicken, salmon, or shrimp for a light and healthy meal. Be sure to avoid tomatoes, onions, and spicy or fermented cheese as toppings. The full list of foods to avoid can be found in my free report at www.ditchbladderpain.com  Avoid vinaigrettes and opt for olive oil mixed with a bit of ranch or poppy seed dressing on the side. 

At a Chinese or Japanese Restaurant: Steamed vegetables and a protein are a wonderful option. Be sure to skip the sauce as many sauces can be spicy or even high in sodium. Some women with Interstitial Cystitis can find that high levels of salt or sodium can cause bladder pain and urgency because the salt can trigger bladder pain especially if there is bladder ulcerations. 

At a Mexican Restaurant: Opt for a bean, fish or chicken taco but be sure the protein does not have  a spicy marinade. Be sure to avoid the salsa which can be spicy and acidic because of the tomatoes. A salad is a great option here as well!

At an Italian Restaurant: Choose an option that avoids tomatoes or lemon in the sauce. Spicy cheeses like parmesan should be avoided as well. You can enjoy a pasta dish with vegetables, a protein and tossed with olive oil. Many Italian restaurants will have options beyond pasta as well. Gluten free pastas are now also readily available!

Alcohol, Coffee and Carbonated drinks can cause bladder urgency. While water does not seem like an exciting option, your bladder will thank you for choosing it as your drink of choice!

Navigating food selections when you have an overactive bladder can be tricky. Looking at the menu ahead of time online is a great way to be prepared when you arrive and know what you can eat so you can relax and enjoy your meal. Most restaurants are extremely accommodating as well with eliminating or adding items to a dish. I often will look at menu options and create my own dish at times to be sure what I am choosing does not cause bladder irritation. 

Eating out is enjoyable! Just because you have an overactive bladder does not mean you can't enjoy eating out too!





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